Wedding Dress Cleaning

You already know how important your wedding dress is and how important it is to have your wedding dress cleaned and stored properly, but just exactly how do you go about getting this done?Wedding Dress professionally cleaned at Bank Street Cleaners
Simple, Bank Street Cleaners are experts at taking your prized possession, cleaning it and returning it to you in a wonderful condition for the future. We can also provide the perfect storage box that will ensure a safe, clean & ideal environment for years to come.

We offer a local personal service with the wedding dress cleaning conducted on site, we don’t send it off to a third party to deal with and that way you know that when you hand over your wedding dress to us, it is safe and secure and in professional hands.
This of course also helps keep the costs down for you as many other wedding dress cleaners often have to send the wedding dress away to a specialist cleaner…we don’t as we are specialists and provide professional expert cleaning and ensure that your dress is placed in the storage box (recommended) and handed back to you safely.

An important piece of advice for storage: never store your beautiful gown in a plastic bag for long periods of time, as this could cause mildew.

Why get my wedding dress cleaned if it isn’t really dirty?
If  your wedding dress hasn’t been professionally cleaned since your big day, then it really ought to.
Many untreated stains, however minor, will soon become ‘set’ into the fabric and are likely to cause permanent marking. Some invisible marks, particularly simple drink spills especially sugary drinks, will progressively darken and oxidize with time and become very difficult or impossible to remove later.

Formal Wear including Morning Suits, Evening Dresses, Dinner Jackets &
Formal Wear & Uniforms Cleaned at Bank Street CleanersMilitary Dress-Uniforms all need careful cleaning too…Formal Wear & Uniforms Cleaned at Bank Street Cleaners

You can gain complete piece of mind that your wedding dress is in tip-top condition for long-term storage,  or knowing that  your formal wear is ready for it’s next important outing by popping-in or calling us,
Bank Street Cleaners on 07563 766 446
or 07799 696872.

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We look forward to being of service to you.