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For Curtain Repairs & Alterations in Kent, this is it!

Curtains can last for many years if looked Curtain Repairs & Alterations Kent
after and altering curtains ensures the look
& style of your home remains as it should even if you move to a new home.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning curtains is by far the most effective way to remove dust and dirt from your curtains. Curtains unfortunately act as a dust trap within your home and having them regularly cleaned is an excellent way to reduce dust and allergens in your home and allows your curtains to last for many years to come.

NetsCurtain Repairs & Alterations Kent

Similarly with nets, over time net curtains attract dirtand dust and having them dry cleaned or wet cleaned periodically keeps them fresh & looking their best.


Curtain Repairs & Alterations in Kent

Curtain Repairs & Alterations KentWe can repair and alter your curtains according to your specifications. Curtains can be modelled to reflect how you would like them to look and enhance your home.



Curtain Repairs & Alterations KentDirect sunlight, dust and aging weakens curtain fabric and the edges of curtains are generally the first area to show wear. If otherwise the curtain fabric still looks good, there may well be ways of repairing your curtains rather than replacing them.


More than just curtain alterations, something as simple as a new trim or custom made Curtain Repairs & Alterations Kenttie-backs can re-vitalise tired curtains and give them a new look & feel. And, if your curtain fabric is in good condition then why not re-use it?
Curtain alterations can be especially helpful when moving house and if done professionally as we do it, can be made to look just as good as new curtains, which is really a cost effective option.

From our premises in Hythe, Kent, we can take existing curtains  and they can be shortened or lengthened, or indeed made wider or narrower. Simply measure the window space as you would for new curtains.

Add a Curtain Lining

Curtain alterations involving the addition of a blackout or thermal lining to existing curtains can change their original purpose, save energy and increase the life of your curtains.

Blackout lining is most commonly used for bedroom curtains where you want to keep out as much light as possible. Especially good for children’s rooms in the summer!

Joining Curtains

Sometimes wide windows may require 2 sets of curtains. If bought as ready-to-hang curtains, then having them professionally sewn together will provide an excellent finish.

 A New Look!

Dry Cleaning Curtains, KentCurtains can be given a new lease of life by changing headings, particularly as trends change e.g. curtain alterations to eyelet curtains are currently very popular. It is often possible to replace or add new tape or tabs to existing curtains or even change from pencil pleat to pinch pleat, providing there is sufficient fabric.

There are many ways to alter your curtains, simply call us on 07563 766 446 or 07799 696872 or pop in for a chat.